Our “Worry Free Care” approach to care and training assures quality control and eliminates excessive billing for all the ‘extras’. The extras are standard with Full Service Board.


  • Customized feed 2 times daily according to needs with supplements (owner provides supplements)

  • Stalls cleaned and horses turned out 7 days per week

  • Blanketing according to weather (client supplies proper wardrobe; turn-out sheets/rugs, stable sheet/blanket, anti-sweat sheet/cooler)

  • Turn-out boots on and off (owner supplies)

  • Fly control

  • Tending to any initial cuts and scrapes

  • Vet called in emergency situation (owner signs waiver)

  • Initial treatment in emergency situation (owner signs waiver)

  • High-quality Coastal and Timothy hay (Timothy is additional)

  • Rotation worming every 6 to 8 weeks

  • Regular vet scheduled and horses held for house vet for routine maintenance (shots, coggins, teeth)

  • Regular farrier scheduled and horses held if using house farrier

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 We also offer a full array of grooming services.  Call for pricing


We provide several quality feeds to choose from.  Each horses feed program is tailored to each horse’s individual needs.  We provide quality Coastal Bermuda as part of standard board. Timothy hay is available at an extra cost.  In the winter, hay is provided in pastures.  We encourage the owners to help monitor their horses feed requirements because we have found each owner has their preference to their horses’ ideal weight

The farm farriers are Bill Mathis and Casey Sokol.  Both are very experienced members of The American Farriers Association and are up to date on various shoeing techniques.  If you prefer a different farrier you are welcome to make your own arrangements.

Bill Mathis:  864-885-3802   /   Casey Sokol 864-245-0071 

The farm vet is Dr. Keith Stafford with Stafford Equine Veterinary Services (SEVS).  SEVS is primarily a ambulatory equine only practice with key interests in sports medicine, lameness and routine preventive medicine.

The horses are wormed every 6-8 weeks if not on Strongid C2X.  Horses are all given Flu/Rhino every 3-4 months, EE/WEE/Tet in the spring and fall, and West Nile and Strangles 1x a year.   Most horses at the farm get their coggins and their rabies done the first of the year.   

Dr. Stafford:  864-303-1847



Dr. Lowder is an Associate Professor of Large Animal Internal Medicine at UGA and comes to the farm 2x year.

Dr. Lowder:  706-714-1678


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